If you’ve been erroneously charged with a criminal offense, the first thing you do is to hire a criminal lawyer in Mercer County to help you with your case. Don’t have any experience in getting legal help? Here are a few useful pointers you’ll want to keep in mind:

Look for referrals

You’ll want to reach out to people you know and trust. Mine them for referrals and suggestions, says The Balance. This can give you the best leads so you can acquire the legal help and assistance you need to clear your name as soon as possible.

Don’t hire a friend or relative

If your friend or relative happens to be an expert criminal lawyer in Mercer County, then go ahead and hire him. But if that’s not the case, it will be better for you if you look for someone who’s qualified, has the right credentials and training to represent you in the court.

Check qualifications

Never hire a lawyer without taking a long look at the lawyer’s credentials, qualifications, training and experience. By checking the basics, you’ll have a pretty good idea if the lawyer is a good bet or not.

Ask around

If your lawyer has been around in the industry long enough, then that’s going to be long enough to develop a reputation. Ask around to find out what kind of reputation the lawyers on your list have. If they’re well-known for their trustworthiness and brilliance in court, then those two qualities are good enough reasons to hire them.

Consider their record

Do they have a great record for settling cases in court or a spotty one? Look for someone who fits the first one rather than the second. That way, you’ll have a much better chance of getting acquitted and clearing your name. With the help of a good legal counsel, you can look forward to getting your reputation back.