Diamond Necklace: Led To A Controversial Affair}

Here’s An Opinion On: Giulians Australian Opal Rings Diamond Necklace: Led to a Controversial Affair by Nicolus Cage History has it that diamond necklaces have always been considered as the best gift for your lady love and also as a status symbol. After all who can forget the controversial Affair of the Diamond Necklace? Heres […]

Erica Weiner Jewelry Waldorf Astoria Necklace}

Here’s An Opinion On: Australian Opal Rings Giulians Erica Weiner Jewelry Waldorf Astoria Necklace by DianeJR Erica Weiner and Lindsay Salmon started Erica Weiner Jewelry 4 years ago out of a Lower East Side, NYC apartment. In 2007, Weiner and Salmon moved the business to a studio on Chrystie Street. This team travels the world […]