Not To Judge Furniture Safety According To Its Material


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More and more consumers are likely to buy solid wooden furniture because in their standpoints such furniture are natural and environmentally friendly, when placing such furniture at home, people would feel relieved for using in daily life. However, is the solid wooden furniture really equivalent to green and environmentally friendly furniture? I don t think so because the environmentally friendly factors are not only affected by the furniture top quality raw material, in addition, other factors such as painting and so on would be important factor.

According to furniture experts, nowadays most people have the misunderstanding on solid wooden furniture, in fact, the solid wooden furniture are not made from pure solid wood, in general, its main body and whole frame are the pure solid wood, however, other parts such as drawers and clapboard are made from artificial board or composite board, as you know, a certain amount of glue will be hidden in these boards and what s worse sometimes formaldehyde will contained in them. With such boards used in solid wooden furniture, they are not equivalent to safe furniture and you also have to worry about whether the content of formaldehyde exceeds standard.


This is the solid wooden furniture, what about flat panel furniture? As is known to all, flat panel furniture are made from all kinds of boards and it is inevitable that some harmful gas will be hidden in furniture body. The question is how to deal with these furniture if the harmful gas exceeds standard?

Under the same conditions, board with higher environmentally friendly standard always contains the less amount of glue. For example, if two boards are with the same size, the environmentally friendly board should be made from the same varieties of trees so that the grain is a little larger, which is the symbol of contact surface, and as a result, its weight is a little light. If you find the board is too much heavy, it must be the reason that lots of glue are contained inside. As wise consumer, it is not right to board s quality, good or poor, just according to their weight.

Meanwhile, painting on furniture will affect their environmentally friendly performance, for example, when looking at the new bought so-called environmentally friendly furniture, there would be painting on its surface and sometimes you can smell the abnormal taste or even pungent smell, if it is the case, you d better careful and not to buy such furniture.

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Not To Judge Furniture Safety According To Its Material