Roland VS2400CD The Musicians Solution to Recording & Mixing Tracks



The Roland VS2400CD is one of the most affordable mixer and sampling systems available to the any musician today wanting to record and edit all personal tracks.


What the Roland VS2400CD includes are functions such as effect processors which will allow any musician to alter recorded tracks and direct recording of all instruments via the output channels. Musicians using recording systems are most likely to need dynamic processing control and compression facilities which are all included in the Roland VS2400CD. The Roland VS2400CD includes fully functional cut and paste facilities which allow easy editing of all play lists which gives the user full management of all tracks. User functionality has been amended considerably in this latest model to incorporate a fully integrated and easily understandable control main panel display board. If your dream is a mixing desk like the professionals use with the self moving controls, then this is the unit for you. One major problem most mixing consoles provide the users are a difficult to understand a recording set up functionality. The Roland VS2400CD has been redesigned to take away the difficulty encountered in early models. Up to 16 tracks can be laid down and recorded at any one time. The Roland VS2400CD operates also in MIDI control. All VGA Monitor devises are fully linkable with mouse equipment inputs as standard. This makes the Roland VS2400CD almost a DAW. Roland VS2400CD interface almost resembles a DAW unit so could fool anyone into thinking the unit cost the price of a high end professional mixing system. What makes the Roland VS2400CD stand above its competition is that this mixer can record at six different sampling rates and modes. Ranges start from 32 96 KHZ. VS2400CD allows an impressive 10 GB partition at a maximum level but this equals and impressive 40 GB using the installed driver. The Roland VS2400CD system comes with the option to use additional bolt on equipment which can expand memory capacity and enhance sound recording up to a level only met by only by the high end of the market mixer equipment. The Roland VS2400CD is competitively priced more at the lower end of the market which allows all musicians to record and mix their music rather than pay the excessive high hourly rates charged by studio time and producers. If you would like to know more technical information or just purely interested in browsing the amazing Roland VS2400CD mixer studio desk, click on the link below or in the resource box attached to this article.

The Roland VS2400CD

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Roland VS2400CD The Musicians Solution to Recording & Mixing Tracks