The Importance of Commercial Steam Cleaners for Tile and Grout Cleaning


Lauren Zwiebel

Commercial steam cleaning machines are used across hotels, homes, restaurants, theaters, amusement parks, malls, airport lounges, and other areas for tile and grout cleaning. Tiles and grout acquire a variety of stains and impurities during the course of the day, particularly in high traffic commercial zones. Common impurities found on tiles include soap scum, molds, water stains, grease, oils, food remnants, burnt hydrocarbons, and other matter. Tiles and grout are also ideal breeding ground for bacteria, roaches, and other pests if they are dirty.

Tile and grout cleaning should be undertaken at least once every week in commercial areas, particularly kitchens, bathrooms, and other places that are heavily used. For such challenging tasks, invest in the right equipment. This is when you need a steam cleaner specially built for commercial applications. Tile and grout cleaning becomes easy when you throw a steam cleaner into the equation as these machines remove most of the oil and stains from tile, faucets, porcelain fittings, sinks, tubs, countertops, and other parts of kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, steam cleaners are remarkably versatile. These machines are used, apart from tile and grout cleaning, for purposes such as cleaning floors, laminated wood, doors, windows, glass, mattresses, small carpets, and similar areas.


Choosing a Steam Cleaner

The machine used for tile and grout cleaning should be sturdy and capable of prolonged operation. The steam cleaner should have high quality parts made of durable materials. Without proper boilers, heating devices, wands, or detailing brushes, the machine would not be able to function at the maximum efficiency. At the heart of a tile grout cleaner is the boiler, which maintains high pressure and heat. Steam generated from commercial steam cleaners can reach up to 386 F). Most dealers offer floor steam cleaners with aluminum boilers, which are fragile. Avoid such machines and instead, look for a tile grout cleaner (which may also be used as a floor steam cleaner) that has a stainless steel boiler. Stainless steel is durable, and it can stand high temperature and pressure.

Many floor steam cleaners are equipped with special germ killing mechanisms. By using these machines, you can remove more than 99 percent of germs found on tiles. Some machines also contain HEPA filters for trapping spores, pollen, dander, and many allergens during wet or dry vacuuming. These features are very important, particularly as bathrooms and kitchens are often home to many types of germs and allergens.

Removing Heavy Dirt

All tile and grout cleaning machines cannot remove heavy layers of grease, paint, wax, and similar matter from tiles. For that, you need hard surface cleaners, which have spinning heads that scrub dirt off tiles and grout. Hard surface cleaners should ideally have motorized spinners; not spinners that move due to water pressure, as motorized heads are more powerful. In addition to cleaning tile and grout, you can use hard surface cleaners for various applications such as pressure washing and carpet cleaning. This extremely versatile machine often tops the list of must-haves for contractors.

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